Blowin’ Off Dust

This album is my love-letter to the video game music of the 1990s I grew up listening to. This was the first real musical project I ever worked on, and it’s been sitting on my hard drive ever since 2016, so I think it’s time I blow the dust off of it and share it with the world. These songs were originally written for my brother’s pirate-themed Pathfinder game. At the time, Roll20 had a SoundCloud player built in and you could loop music through it. That feature was removed mid-campaign, so most of these songs ended up not being used. These ten are my favorites from that project. There were also a few songs that didn’t make the cut, but maybe I’ll do something with them eventually.


Roll for Initiative – The title is an obvious reference to the tabletop RPG world where players roll dice to decide turn order in battle. This was the battle music the players would hear as they “rolled for initiative”.

This Warm Sand Is Inviting – The first song the players heard as they woke up on an unknown beach. This was the second song I ever wrote. Song #1 didn’t make the cut and will probably stay on my hard drive forever lol.

A Happy Tune Indeed – . There wasn’t really a specific part of the game that this song was going to be used, it was just kinda there if the GM needed something happier.

We’ve Lost Count of Hominy Got Lost In This Maize – At one point in the game the players were going to get stuck in a giant corn maze. This song was specifically written for that, which explains all the corn puns in the title.

A Well-Stocked Market – Written for the various shops the players would encounter throughout their journey. Originally I was going to try to make this sound like something you’d hear playing in a K-Mart back in 1994, but I could never get it to sound right.

The Great Wide Open – Probably the most obscure inspiration I’ve had for any project, this was influenced by the boot-up music of the FM Towns Marty console from 1993.

Marching – Since the game was centered around a group of pirates, a march seemed fitting. I don’t think this song was ever used, as it was written much later than the others.

I’d Tell You Where This Appears But It Would Be Spoilers – The GM needed a song for a specific encounter later in the game, so I wrote this. I couldn’t think of a name that wouldn’t give the players a clue about what it was for, so….

Dangerous Terrain – Another song that I’m pretty sure didn’t get used. This wasn’t originally going to be included on the album, but I wanted an even 10 songs so I stuck this one in at the last second.

Lullaby – A slower, more calming song that was used mainly for story exposition and less exciting NPC interaction.